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Please CLICK HERE to trial the possible new Messaging Forum

Note that to keep it private (until/if I decide to swap to and pay for this) it is open, so the website address for the Forum link is on the Society website. To return here, use your normal HomePage link until (IF) that happens

Please Note SUBS are now due for 01/04/2014-31/03/2015 period - CLICK HERE for details and please note change to payment at a bank branch as shown detailed at foot of this page as a LLOYDS branch has to be used for no-charge payment - TSB is now a separate bank

NEWSLETTER 1:2014 now online - posted 13th April 2014 (Printed copies with booklets will be posted by midweek)

NEW! BOOKLET No:26 now online - posted 10th April 2014

NEW! BOOKLET No:25 now online - posted 6th April 2014

FULL MEET 2014 DETAILS, includes how to pay deposits and PayPal buttons for deposits CLICK HERE (Booking Deadline is Saturday 21st June 2014)

>>> As a Special Gift to each Single Member/Couple attending the Meet 2014, I will be giving each an original signed B+W print (9"x6" on A4 Art Paper, Pigment Ink) as a small Thankyou for attending and supporting the Society. It's our 37th Year and I decided it would be a nice gesture to offer a signed original print for the occasion! Brian

MEET 2014 - ONLINE ACTIVE BOOKING FORM: CLICK HERE - As at 21:3:2014 - 6 members have already booked

MEET 2014 Booking Form - printable PDF version CLICK HERE (Same as mailed out with Newsletter 3/2013)

Report on Meet 2013 at Buxton - CLICK HERE


>>> HELP - Still Waiting so cannot include as Booklet for next NL! Further to my recent post on the Members' Messaging Forum about the files uploaded to the ZPS Dropbox, can I ask members using other than Sigma cameras to please upload at least one RAW file from their camera so that I can use them to work with RAWTherapee to deal with overexposed highlights please. NOTE that if the RAW(s) and associated JPEG(s) are under 20MB, most e-mail providers will permit attachment, so that's an alternative easy way to get one or more to me and please advise the camera make/model as appropriate. Obviously I cannot create RAW files from other cameras so to help me in the production of a helpful Booklet on using RT for that purpose, I need some files that exhibit overexposure for the highlight areas that members have not been able to successfully control. Thanks. Of course, no files, no booklet. The article would be illustrated and posted in full online as a TIL to expand the information to its fullest. Please ensure the make/model of camera is advised.

A member (I do know who and was clearly unfamiliar generally with computing procedures) has accidentally deleted all the files I had uploaded to Dropbox. As Dropbox is synched with my computer's folder for the Sample Album, they have also been deleted from that but I have identified what was posted and will replace shortly. Will in future put all files into a separate (unsynched!) folder so can then always easily re-upload.

Retro seems to be all the rage at the present time, with both Nikon and Olympus producing new digital single lens reflex cameras along the lines of their former small and neat film equivalents. With that in mind, I have arranged for the re-introduction of our classic Zone 8 Pocketable Field Camera, seen below in use during a recent Annual Meet. Orders should be made by 10:00 on April 1st, 2014. What? You missed it? Tough!

>>> Update and revision to article on testing and adjusting a camera with back/front focusing problems: CLICK HERE I will be replacing the former article on the Members Forum in due course, so this is actually hosted on the "open" website about the Society - so use your BACK facility in your browser to return to the Members' Forum.

Charles Hart AZPS has provided valuable additonal updates on Materials, Suppliers and on Cold Mounting. CLICK HERE to access. ALSO his updated INDEX for NLs and Booklets now available here CLICK HERE and for his updates to TIL:49 now posted (Use link in left column). Charles also posts updated information on the Forum Members Messaging area!

To slim this page down, I saved the previous version with its special information, which can still be accessed CLICK HERE

SPECIAL ADVANCE NOTICE RE: BANKING due Lloyds and TSB splitting. I will appreciate feedback from members please!

My original account was with TSB until they merged and became LloydsTSB - that was fine as nothing admin-wise changed. Now they have split - with most branches being now with TSB, I have found my account is now (due my original branch staying with Lloyds) with Lloyds - which means no member will be able to pay their subs without charge into any TSB branch - only a Lloyds branch. All together now "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!". I am investigating how to deal with this but clearly, if a Lloyds branch is within easy reach of any member, they can pay without charge into that. So, as branches over the UK will have become either Lloyds OR TSB, can members please, well before next April 2014, check and advise if they will have problems finding a LKloyds branch into which they can without charge pay their subscriptions when due. I only want to delve into sorting something if really necessary as could be somewhat complex but I will sort if, say, YOU are not within easy reach of a Lloyds branch. Please check and advise. Many thanks.

Here are links to the locators for branches for both banks:

TSB Branches:

Lloyds Branches:

Any weather display below can be clicked to take you where you can access YOUR OWN location nearest forecast centre

Calibrate your monitor! Use the Brightness Control to ensure separation of the darker values and the Contrast Control to ensure separation of the lighter values on your monitor. I have now added another Greyscale - with percentage markings - that you may find easier to use

DROPBOX - a simple and free way for members to share images and get help. Here's what I posted on the Messaging Forum on 27th March 2012.

There is a free (well for initial 2GB space) storage online facility from DropBox. It could be useful for the Society as can enable image file sharing. For example, being able to make image files available to members by myself - and also member-to-member - could prove very useful. I have made available to Jim three files I recently posted on the Sigma DPReview forum, so once he signs up, he will be able to access those files to see on his computer. It is possible with this facility to make folders that you can place files into that you can then access using such as your laptop, tablet PC, android device and so forth, making such secure files available to access by you alone wherever you may be. Use this link to access DropBox and then sign-up and download the free utility. It's all fairly painless. I would never advise anyone to rely on online storage for backups - far better to have one or more USB hard drives for that and/or archival quality CDs but this could be handy for storing accessible files for info that you alone can access - just make a folder and put files into that folder on your computer within the DropBox main folder - they auto get loaded to DropBox without any effort on your part and thus you can access them from any device once you set each to work with DropBox. They have decent destructions! I will be placing more image files in the Sample Gallery - once any member is subscribed and lets me know, I can then provide a link to access that folder and files, which can be viewed and/or downloaded as required. Here's the link to get you started. Just advise when registered so I can invite you to share the specific account. I already have some X3F RAW files and associated jpegs there which several members have accessed after joining. basically, to share photos for viewing - just opt for a personal gallery on our pBase facility. To access files I have posted (and others) once you sign up, let me know and I will send you an invitation with the folder link, where you can access all the image files. To just view - right click and select to Download and then OPEN. Alternatively, you can opt to SAVE and thus download the image file to your computer so you can then use on your computer. Just ask for further information once signed for a free account.

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