The Zone 8 Photographic Society

EST: 1977 - 2016 is our 39th Year

PRESIDENT: Charles H Hart, FZPS ........Past Presidents: Bruce A Carter, FZPS; Kenneth A Nelson, Hon.FZPS .......Founder/Administrator: Brian SL Allen, Hon.FZPS, AHFAP


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Welcome to the website for our Society. Members comprise a wide range of ages and interests but the overall objective is the gaining of technical knowledge and practical experience to enable production of photographic images of the highest quality attainable by each individual

PLEASE NOTE: This general info website HomePage is only updated occasionally - the Members-Only Forum Website is updated, usually, two or more times each week

Our second book of selected images by members, entitled "Drawn by Light 2" is available to preview (21 pages) and in sizes 7"x7", 10"x8" and 12"x12" for purchase direct from Blurb. Here are the appropriate links for the three sizes and their options. Note that there is an EPUB e-book version - only available from the 7"x7" page. The First book "Drawn by Light" is linked on the Blurb website (All 7x7 options AND for the EPUB e-book version to download) (All 10x8 options) (All 12x12 options)

>>>As an example of a TIL (Technical Information Leaflet) we have included a special one, by member Charles Hart, AZPS, on Pinhole Photography for non-members (also of course available to members, with all the other TILs). Fully illustrated, it covers this topic in such a way as to enable anyone interested to either just learn more and/or delve into this in a practical way for themselves. CLICK HERE to access. All membership benefits including all other TILs (see links in left column) are of course only available to members. Why not consider joining us? You would be made most welcome as membership is open to everyone keen on Photography - conventional and digital - whatever their level of experience

>>> A second TIL available to non.Members: An in-depth practical treatise for easy and safe Wet and Dry Sensor Cleaning CLICK HERE

>>> A third (final) TIL available to non.Members: Info on using the Epson 1400 (and other models) for B+W high quality with only the Black ink can be found here: and it now includes instructions for easy clearing of blocked nozzles.

As a service to visitors. see the link at bottom of the left column where you can freely obtain a commercial programme. Each 24 hours, the Giveaway of the Day is available for free. You must both download and install within the shown timescale - some require registration to get a free activation code, so don't just downoload and think you can install and try later. A new commercial programme free every day! However, as with all programmes, do watch for unwanted installations - meaning to uncheck any boxes that want to change your Browser Homepage, etc. so always opt to use CUSTOM installation so you can watch for such things.

KITS - for discerning conventional workers using film and darkroom printing techniques: CLICK HERE for latest listings. We have made certain kits available again due demand!

Due rising costs and an inevitable reduction in attendance numbvers, for at least the time being our Annual Meets have been temporarily suspended, A Members' Survey will be carried out in early 2016 to see what support there could be if re-introduced. Meantime, members are always invited to hold SKYPE video conversations for free almost at any time, just by prior arrangement and of course, the HELP service is always available, on a wide range of topics including of course Photographic Techniques and suchlike, Computing and also now Smartphones and Tablets. These Help/Advice services are only available to Members.

>> In September 2016, Members have been invited to attend a One-Day event, to welcome Charles H Hart as out new President - In Wiltshire - details given to members only.

Dartmoor Award presented to member Chris Chapman, Hon,FZPS. CLICK for report and photo. Apparently Chris was booked to take photos at this ceremony, then surprised to be called to receive an award himself. Congratulations to Chris - he has done outstanding work over three decades ..... and we are all proud of him! It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Member Roger Slade, a distinguished official photographer on many Antarctica expeditions has exhibitions of his work at various locations in the UK. Full details with a selection of his work can be viewed at:

Links in the left column enable easy navigation to all pages. This specific website is to enable curious visitors to find out what the Society is all about, easily and speedily.

2017 is the Society's 40th anniversary and on the "Origins" page is a brief history of how it came into being.

Today, members enjoy informative printed Newsletters and access to a number of online facilities. For example, the Members Only Forum provides quick access to such benefits as printer-friendly TILs (Technical Information Leaflets) on a range of topics that are updated and added-to, based on suggestions by members. Additionally, current and recent Newsletters and Booklets (new introduction, being simple booklets on specific techniques to fit in camera bag) are posted for members-only in Acrobat .pdf format for easy reading and printing

There is an online Gallery hosted by pBase, in which members can have their own personal space of at least 50MB. The link in the left column will enable you to visit and view. Full step-by-step guidance via TILs provide simple and easy to follow instructions on how to join in, should you be so inclined!

In addition there is, for members only, a FREE facility to obtain help, usually via e-mails or letters or telephone calls or SKYPE video calls on photographic and related computing topics. A wide database of knowledge is available on both conventional and digital imaging for the keen photographer, whatever his or her level of ability. In addition, the service also free to members is Remote Assistance, whereby with permission, the member's computer is optimised and/or problems resolved by remote control via the Internet, with full information as the work is carried out in full view of the member on their own computer monitor.

A Messaging Forum additionally provides facilities to ask questions of other members, make comments, show photos and provide links to interesting articles and so forth. Postings range from the serious to the sublime.

More information is available using the links in the left column. For anything you need more information about, that is perhaps not included, please use the e-mail facility. Thank you!



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