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First & Past President: Kenneth A Nelson, Hon.FZPS ...............Founder/Administrator: Brian SL Allen, Hon.FZPS, AHFAP


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Distinctions can be attained by members submitting examples of their photography. A Technical Information Leaflet (TIL) is available detailing What, How, Why, When and Where! Note that we hold members "Honour Bound" to submit only work they have produced entirely by themselves for all levels above Graduate (Graduate submissions can be via trade processed transparencies and/or trade processed prints). Both conventionally and digitally produced work is acceptable, with the one proviso that all submitted work is of "acknowledged archival quality" (CLICK HERE for TIL)

Note that due the advance of digital imaging techniques, the Society is always open to suggestions as regards media for submitting work for assessment. What follows is to be taken as a guide as to the INTENT for making assessments

  • MEMBER: Applies to anyone joining who has not applied (or perhaps doesn't wish to) for any membership distinction level.
  • GRADUATE: The first level of assessed membership. Generally requires the member to show an appreciation of good technique with the ability to produce competent work at a reasonable level of quality. This is the only level at which work in the form of colour transparencies and prints (which can be trade processed) is acceptable. All other levels require the submission of self-produced prints as evidence of competence. It recognizes fundamental technical ability covering handling and use of equipment, focusing and Depth of Field, basics of good exposure, processing and printing to achieve a foundation of good technique and serves to confirm the recipient's progress from absolute Novice to one who can understand and apply himself/herself to the production of good basic quality work.
  • LICENTIATE: For this level, a high standard of technical competence must be demonstrated, coupled to an ability to produce pictures with an in-depth affinity for the chosen subject(s). It is awarded to those who show a fundamental mastery of their equipment and techniques and a competent appreciation of subject, composition and lighting. Members generally agree that a Licentiateship of the ZPS conveys a higher level of technical skill and ability than would be acceptable for apparently similar distinction categories in "other" organizations!
  • ASSOCIATE: This level is designed to recognize an excellence of technical achievement coupled to a very high level of artistic ability in making personal images. It is the highest level attainable by submission of work.
  • FELLOW: Awarded only in special circumstances to highly distinguished members of the Society of Associateship level and solely by invitation. It does not necessarily denote a higher standard of technical competence than an Associate achieves. It is purely a special award to recognize special qualities, usually coupled to outstanding and devoted support for the Society and its activities and objectives over several years.
  • COMPANION: Awarded to anyone, whether member or not, whom the Society wishes to formally acknowledge has been of great assistance to the photographic community

As mentioned, a TIL is available giving more information. A copy can be obtained by printing the TIL (link given above). Everything possible is done to keep the cost of submitting applications to the minimum, including permitting unmounted work via postal services. Information is included in the aforementioned brochure. NOTE: Unlike other organizations, there are:-

  • NO FEES for the submission of work for assessment - all you supply is the work required and return packaging/postage
  • NO EXTRA MEMBERSHIP FEES - All members, whatever their category of membership, pay the same annual fee.
  • NO SPECIFIED DATES FOR SUBMISSIONS - members can submit work at any time of year. UK Members could send their printed work to the UK based President - but return postage must be supplied. We would generally expect a CD of the images (or perhaps a link to the member's website?) with images minimum 12"x8" and 180ppi as a basic guide sent to Brian in Spain as well, to ensure a representative viewing and discussion to be fair to all members submitting work for assessment.
  • NO CHARGE - either for submitting work or for the attractive Certificate awarded on the attainment of any distinction.

    The "Zone 8 Photographic Society" actively encourages members to apply for distinctions. Attainment of a distinction is regarded not as a means to extract higher annual fees as all members pay the same rate but as a celebration for both the author AND the Society in terms of the improved standing of the member and his/her Society in the world of photography!

  • In addition, members can freely send a selection of work for prior evaluation to help with any subsequent submission.