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For the discerning Monochrome Print Worker

PLEASE NOTE: Should you want one or more kits, please e-mail with your requirements, including name, location address and what is required (name and kit-size as appropriate) and we will reply as soon as we can ascertain the applicable postal cost. We would then also advise how to make your payment via PayPal.


Excellent image quality for those requiring the ULTIMATE! Raises values of mid and upper zones for superb quality images. Agitation in second bath makes this superior to all other 2-bath formulae!

Excellent shelf life. We have deliberately used this on an intermittent basis over the past few years (eg: used, then bottled and used three months later, then perhaps the next week, then another gap of a couple of months ... and so on over these five years to cover the equivalent of an "occasional" amateur! Users have reported having to leave unused for five years - then "trying it out" on a test film and being delighted that it still worked perfectly).

Basically, the Developer (One litre) is used repeatedly, being replenished after each use with 20ml Replenisher per full 35mm/120 film - or pro-rata, eg: 5ml per 5"x4" sheet film. Part "B" is diluted for use, used once and discarded. The kit contains 1 litre each of Developer Part "A", Part "B" and "Replenisher". As a guide, you can process at least 52 x 35mm/120 films per kit BUT this can be extended (apparently indefinitely from our useage!) by purchasing extra parts "B" and "Replenisher" when required. Thus, very economic in use! We finally succumbed after using for over 7 years and made up a new kit from scratch at that time after using our ORIGINAL "test kit", we were on our 21st bottle of Replenisher ie: over 1,100 varying films through since first made up and used in October 1991! However, the original kit was still working well - but due more dyes in recent films, was beginning to look a bit murky, so decided on a change for cosmetic reasons!

Two-Bath Negative Developer Kit, comprising 1 litre each in easy-mix powder form of developer parts "A" and "B" and "Replenisher": £19.50. P/Wt: 350g

Extension Kit, comprising 1 litre each parts "B" and "Replenisher" available for just £14.50. P/Wt: 250g.

For those requiring more Part "A", 1 litre Part "A" only is available for £9.50. P/Wt 150g.


Specially formulated for the fine-print worker seeking maximum controls over image quality and colour. For example, Formula One can even help produce blue-black tones on a chloro-bromide emulsion.


Add to normal print developers to improve quality of image and reduce fog (useful also for outdated materials to improve results). Generally add only 5ml per litre working strength print developer, making this very economic in use. 20ml per litre will produce neutral to blue-black tones on chloro-bromide emulsions, depending on developer used and length of development time. Enables lengthy development times, for special effects, without staining or fogging.

Available in three sizes. All in easy-mix powder form.
250ml Stock: £8.50. P/Wt: 70g. 500ml Stock: £10.50. P/Wt: 125g. 1000ml Stock: £15.50. P/Wt: 200g.


The Sepia Toner kit gives excellent throughput with indefinite shelf life. Very economic in use.

SEPIA TONER: (Suitable all B+W printing materials - VIRTUALLY ODOURLESS)

Enables a variety of tones from Yellow to Rich Chocolate Brown, depending on paper type and prior processing, plus mix of toner solution, which we supply in two parts to permit variation of colour. Kit comprises stock size shown each of:- Bleach, Part "A" and Part "B".

Stock solutions, easily made up from our easy-mix powders, are diluted for use, making them very economical. Kit sizes shown mean supply of the same size of stock for all three parts in each kit. As a guide, the bleach is made up in ratio of 1:9 and can be reused until exhausted! Parts "A" and "B", normal mix, is one part of each plus eight parts water. (NOTE: You can use just the Bleach to first bleach the print, followed by a couple of washes and then redevopment using any B&W print developer, to change the print colour without toning, as an alternative!)
250ml Kit: £10.50. P/Wt: 120g. 500ml Kit: £15.50. P/Wt: 240g. 1000ml Kit: £23.50. P/Wt: 450g.


INTENSIFIER: (For Negatives and Prints)

Suitable use for Negatives and Prints! Briefly, the image is treated in the toner (supplied in two parts to permit variation of amount of intensification) then washed and redeveloped in new or used PRINT developer [developer not supplied in kit - use any good print developer - yes, even for negatives!] to restore the image with increased densities. Can be startling on prints! Normal working solution made by mixing one part each of "A" and "B" with eight parts water. Kits contain same quantities stock for both parts, with "A" in easy-mix powder form and "B" in small bottle liquid form, which you add to water to make the stock size.
250ml Kit: £10.50. P/Wt: 150g. 500ml Kit: 15.50. P/Wt: 300g. 1000ml Kit: £23.50. P/Wt: 550g.

REDUCER: (Howard Farmer's Formula with special buffering)

The classic reducer formula, which we have modified to give extra balancing characteristics for better control in use. Easy-mix powder form to make equal amounts of Parts "A" and "B", which are both diluted in ratio of one part each plus 18 parts water to make working solution as required - it has a limited life once mixed and is discarded after use. However, you have plenty of time to use it! Additionally, only mix as much as required. 250ml Kit: £8.50. P/Wt: 150g.


Very positive in showing smallest amounts of fixer in solution, even as little as 1 part in 20,000! Just collect drainings from film or print into small measure, then add a few drops of test solution. Even the minutest trace of fixer will immediately show its presence by changing the colour. Does not require film or print to touch solution! 100ml Bottle: £6.50. P/Wt: 200g


Against each item is shown a "Postal Weight". To calculate how much to add for postage, add up the relevant postal weights shown per kit to find a weight total. Then, you could get an information leaflet from a Post Office branch outlet or a search using the Internet. Otherwise, please enquire by e-mail and we will check ourselves to suit the potential order weight. If you want to order one or more kits - please enquire via e-mail, stating what you want to order and your location. We will then check the combined postal costs and will advise you of the total and how to pay that via PayPal.

If you are uncertain about anything, please do e-mail for advice and we will respond as quickly as possible after checking the appropriate cost to your location at the local Post Office. We have had to remove the - even updated - postal cost guide due too many frequent changes so decided it was better to actually advise according to any specific order's weight "at the time". Many thanks for your understanding as we obviously have no control over such matters. To help, if you can check yourself, we have indicated the postal weights as shown above as a guide.


Don't forget your name, address and of course, e-mail address!


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