The Zone 8 Photographic Society


First & Past President: Kenneth A Nelson, Hon.FZPS ...............Founder/Administrator: Brian SL Allen, Hon.FZPS, AHFAP


Calls to our Spanish home 0034 952752492

If out, please use answering service (in English)

Preferably please use e-mails for contacting and enquiries, etc. (Clickable link above)


Spanish time

GMT + 1 hour


Villanueva del Trabuco

Andalucia - Spain



UPDATED: Sunday, 27 September, 2015 17:35


The aim of the Society has always been, like the aim throughout many years of the Workshops, to encourage the attainment of personal goals in Photography by helping to ensure the use of high quality (but essentially simple and straightforward) Technical Skills

To that end, Free Advice for Members Only is available in the form of access via (mostly) e-mails, free WhatsAPP messaging, telephone calls and so forth. In the main, Brian will be able to cover photographic and computing queries/advice but additionally, due the long association of many members and their individual experience and skills, thus offer a wide availability of skills and knowledge that is willingly shared with all members.

The Newsletters (NLs) cover a wide range of topics and for the past few years those have been supplemented with specific topic Booklets, designed to be of a handy size (A5 folded) to be easily carried in such as camera bags and so forth. All NLs and Booklets are in PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) format so anyone with any computer/tablet/smartphone can access them to read (only a PDF Reader programme is required - such are free with many available, although most devices have such a reader installed at the factory) and thus any can be read at any time and/or printed/downloaded direct from the website so no panic if a printed copy has been mislaid or damaged. Printed copies of NLs and Booklets are posted to members, unless any have advised are happy to view them onscreen. E-mails are sent out with update information from time to time to keep members in touch - and these will include e-mails to advise when the NLs and Booklets have been posted online, which is usually a week or so before the printed versions are mailed out.

The Members Only Messaging Forum permits exchange of information, posting of small images, chatting and links, etc. and forms an important part of enabling members to keep in touch at all times.

The Members' Only HomePage has all the links required to access all parts of the whole Society Website

Note that if further information is required - please do send me an e-mail, using the link provided in the left column

IMPORTANT! Your supplied details are COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. They are NEVER disclosed to any third party - NOR even to other ZPS Members, except with your prior AGREED PERMISSION - e.g: if wanting to sell or exchange equipment, etc. with another member. Members wishing to contact other members? The information and request is passed to the other member for them to act as they deem appropriate

Here's hoping to welcome you soon!