The Zone 8 Photographic Society


First & Past President: Kenneth A Nelson, Hon.FZPS ...............Founder/Administrator: Brian SL Allen, Hon.FZPS, AHFAP


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UPDATED: Sunday, 27 September, 2015 15:15


Welcome to the Zone 8 Photographic Society introductory web site. I do not propose to tell you about the Society as that is fully covered by our founder, Brian Allen. Instead I want to tell you why I joined the Society and have remained a member.

I first met Brian when I engaged him, for a weekend, to guide me around Snowdonia to take photographs. At the time, I was a member of a camera club and also a member of the RPS. I was growing increasingly disenchanted with the over-riding preoccupation which camera clubs have with competitions, also with some of the silly things the RPS was doing and saying about photography.

I had originally joined the RPS to obtain a distinction, but had not got around to applying for one and had become unsure that I respected their views on what they considered to be good photography.

During my first stay with Brian I discovered someone whose technical knowledge of things photographic was unrivalled, also someone who's views on photography I respected. Having learned that he ran a photographic society that gave distinctions, where they were deserved, did not run competitions and did not try to tell members how they should photograph things, I decided to join it and abandon my membership of the RPS.

I have never regretted that decision and, if you decide to join, I do not think that you will either.

The society has held Annual Meets over many years, usually in Snowdonia, where we could meet old friends and make new ones. Those who participated enjoyed it and always looked forward to the next one. However, due many personal (mostly family orientated) demands on members' free times, for the time being these have been temporarily suspended, perhaps to be possibly reinstated if a future survey indicates the demand. Meantime, Brian remains available to Members to provide free Help and Advice on many topics and can offer additional contact methods, other than the usual e-mails and telephone calls, via SKYPE video calls, used fairly frequently by several members.

A fydd eich Duw gyda chwi,